Music Video editing

Some of my days I spend practicing drums, other days composing music, other days creating posters for different bands and other days I do video editing for bands.  Check them out here and hope you like them.  If you would me to do a video edit for you or your band get in touch with me via my contact page.

HAIKU - Luv Bot

Luv Bot is a stomping tune by the band Haiku in which I have the pleasure to play with.  I edit the video footage to get the perfect vibe the video needs to go with the flow of the music.

Melia - new blue ibiza

Melia, is the band for a good friend of mine and absolute amazing guitar player named Ciaran O'Malley.  Ciaran came to me to edit his video which was a lot of fun to and a good challenge! Getting the right vibe for a video is always my priority!


The creation of this video was a challenging one for me.  Not only had I had to be recording drums but I was behind the cameras as well.  This was the first I played, directed, shot and edited a video. To my advantage my good friend Peter Erdei helped me with some shots for the drumming takes. 

ceo experiment - nossa historia

This one is one to remember, had to great opportunitty to play with my good friends plus our special guest, legendary Curtis Fowlkes. This was a difficult edition as I had to be very careful with the change of scenes in such a beautiful piece of music.